Christian Freedom Foundation
Law and Justice Center
Defending America's
Religious Freedoms and
  We provide legal assistance, resources and help to Pastors,
Christian Organizations, Churches, Ministries and Individuals.  We
have attorneys who have committed themselves to unselfishly
assisting with the promotion and advocating of the principles and
teaching of Jesus Christ throughout the world. In this regard if any
ministry finds itself in conflict with local, state or federal authorities
and in danger of having your Constitutional Rights infringed by
government action, please contact us for advice and possible legal
  Our Constitutional Rights are precious and a primary protection
against unlawful actions by government.  The free exercise of
religion, freedom of assembly and free speech are First Amendment
protections that should be exercised with liberty and freedom.
We help Christian Churches, Ministries and Individuals
                           Legal Defense of Ministries
  The Christian Freedom Foundation is a legal defense organization
and educational project  It was chartered in 1988 and is recognized
IRS as a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt entity.  
  We are primarily an organization of Christian lawyers of like faith
who wish to serve God by being a servant to their clients and fellow
Christians by supporting and defending Christian principles.
  Everyone is encouraged to contact us with legal issues with
government at any level and are being threatened with legal action
or consequences
Our Lawyers are
trained to help in
all conflicts
with local, state
or federal